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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Knitting Myself Happy

It happens every year.  Sometime between the leaves beginning their beautiful death march and the daffodils pushing free of their winter tombs I find my needles and yarn and allow myself to obsess about knitting.  Obsess, might sound like a strong verb but it is really the only word to describe it accurately.  I love to knit!  I knit until my wrists crack and my hands cramp.  When I'm not knitting, I think about knitting.  I carry needles and yarn in my purse, and when I'm really at my peak obsession I carry around my knitting bag, which was passed down to me from my maternal great grandmother. 

My obsession all started about seven years ago when I was living with my paternal grandparents down in southern California.  My Grandma Penny was on a knitting kick at the time and decided to teach me.  Nearly every night we would sit and watch Lifetime movies and knit together.  That's what most 20 year olds do right? 

There are some things I should clarify before you get the idea that I'm some kind of expert.  First of all, I can only knit scarves.  Which is basically the equivalent of microwave meals in the cooking community.  As in anyone with fingers and some hand eye coordination can knit if a scarf if they so desired.  I also basically only use one particular type of stitch, the most basic, garter stitch.

These are a three I am currently working on and should be finished with soon.  The one on the left has been in progress for two years.  I finally just rediscovered it and figured out how to finish it.  The middle one I started just over a week ago and will probably be done by tonight.  The very last one was an experiment to see if  I could use two yarns simultaneously, so far so good.

Here's a youtube video about how to make a scarf in case you want to join in my obsession or if you just want a scarf let me know, I might know where you could score one. 



  1. I can't even knit a scarf. Once I tried and it did that hourglass thing in the middle. It looked like a long worm someone had stepped on. I think I gave it to someone and they were like, thanks? I've given up. Pretty much on all things domestic. I wouldn't have made it two days on the prairie.

  2. I gave my first scarf to an old friend of mine, because she gave me the first scarf she knitted. So now we both have dysfunctional scarves from each other. I doubt either one is wearable. It gets easier, I promise :)