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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Heading Up to Portland

The drive to Portland went incredibly fast, in part to my ban on all liquids (Bunni has a pea-sized bladder) and also in part to my amazing time traveling skills. Time travel is relatively easy, you just have to have a lot of faith. Bunni thinks I’m such a good time traveler because I speed, but it is truly much more than that. There are rules to time travel. You can’t look at the clock, because your conscious mind will keep you from making the leap over the time continuum. You also have to set a time intention, mine was we will be to Bri’s apartment at 6:30. Then you just do your best to get there as fast as possible without doing anything terribly illegal. Driving 15 miles over the speed limit is not terribly illegal.

Even though there was a ban on bathroom stops, we did get out and take a few pictures of Mt Shasta. Apparently, Bunni and Mt Shasta are in the midst of long distance love affair. Although, I have a feeling it is terribly one sided.
Anyway, we had to get back on the road, because we were time traveling on a schedule and we had places to be and people to see.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Day in San Diego or The Beth Chronicles

I made my way down to San Diego to visit one of my funniest girlfriends ever, Bethy-Anne. I love every chance I get to spend with her, she's got a wicked sense of humor. Although, I could have lived without the fake dog poop she kept putting in my suitcase. We had a great afternoon together, shopping (minus the me getting stuck in a dress in the dressing room at H&M and nearly having a panic attack before I was able to free myself after 15 minutes of entrapment. My life flashed before my eyes!), going out to eat, and drinking mojitos.

We even got all bundled up and took a walk on the beach in the dark. It was Beth's idea to pretend we were walking in the snow and so we did. After that we sat and talked for a long time about what we want to do with our lives and how it was all so much easier when we were in junior high getting stalked by her creepy high school neighbor James. Life was good then, but I'm really glad I'm not in junior high anymore. Life is so much better now, harder at times, but so much better.

We went back to Beth's and made cranberry vodkas, finished the rest of the Stefanie cheesecake (it's even delicious as left-overs, see how excited I was), and stayed up late watching movies. I passed out until the trash truck in the alley woke me up and the maitenance people knocked on the door and told up they were shutting off the water. Good Morning to you too!

Day 2- Breakfast/The wonders of Cheesecake!

The next morning, Stephy and I had the daunting task of figuring out where to eat for breakfast. After much discussion I made the final decision. We were going to eat at the Cheese Cake Factory, for several important reasons. 1) It's traditon or we are attempting to make it so 2) You can order booze with breakfast 3) finally and most importantly I had to have a Stefanie Cheesecake. It is the Most Amazing cheesecake/red velvet cake in the world! Yes, the whole world! So it was settled. Steph's boyfriend Matt would meet us at the cheesecake factory and I would order dessert for breakfast. We had a lovely breakfast with mimosas and my usual, eggs benedict with no ham and avo instead...yum yum yum! Then the real moment of truth arrived the cheesecake was served. I was a little nervous to try it, just because...well, what if it wasn't as good as the last time? What if it didn't make me close my eyes, sigh with contentment, and do the happy dance? Well, I decided it didn't matter and I took the first bite and it perfect! I closed my eyes, sighed, and did the happy dance. Breakfast was a success!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Trip Begins!

I drove from Sacramento to Newport today. The trip was to describe that...long. Yes, that many hours in the car wasn't quite the way I remembered it. I used to make the trip from Redding to LA a lot about 5 years ago, when I was trying to be a model (insert eye roll here). Maybe I'm getting old or maybe I'm just out of practice, but driving through the barren desert that is central California wasn't exactly as exhilerating as I recalled.

On the good side, I got to listen a book on tape, sing on the top of my lungs, and have some very good conversations with myself. I also took myself out to lunch at Anderson's Split Pea Soup, whish was delicious. Old people and technology equals free entertainment. I've never heard the signal logo on a cell phone being described as a martini glass, but it seriously does resemble one.

After missing an exit and pulling over to allow myself 5 minutes of guilt-free poor me frustration tears I got back on the road. It seemed I should have arrived hours earlier, but either way I wasn't that late and my darling cousin met me at the door with a glass of wine and a look of fear in her eyes. I probably shouldn't have answered the phone during my mini meltdown and let her hear me make death threats to anyone who got near me. Luckily, one of my best features is my recovery time. I can bounce back from almost anything with a hug, a glass of wine, and 10-15 minutes of guilt-free pouting. We finished our wine and got dressed and went out to sushi. It was delicious! Then we decided we were just too tired to go out partying. So we went home and facebooked and went to bed early.

Friday, October 9, 2009

The West Coast Road Trip Outline

Tonight, after an oil change and hopefully a sushi dinner with my best friend, V, I will get on the road. The trip is going to go something like this. Drive to Sacramento and stay with my grandparents for a night. Next morning wake up and drive to Newport and stay with my amazing cousin. We will most likely eat, talk, and drink wine...lots of wine. The next day I will complain until we get bloody marys and have breakfast and then feel a hell of a lot better and continue on to San Diego where I will spend the day with Bethy, my friend who's put up with me since junior high. Her and I will probably eat, talk, and drink martinis, but not too many, she's a responsible adult who works. I on the other hand will take myself out to mimosas and breakfast the next morning and wait for my sister, Bunni, to call. Somehow Bunni and I will plan to meet somewhere in a city neither of us have ever driven in and then we will waste the day together...drinking on the beach, I hope. That evening we will drive back up to Newport. The next day we will have lunch with our other grandparents and then make the long trip home.

Yes, you are right that is a lot to do in a short amount of time, but I know we can do it. Bunni and I will hang out in Redding for three days while I work and she spends time with the family.

Then the second leg of our journey begins. We will head out for Portland, hopefully stopping to have lunch with an old friend in Ashland. The day we get home we will go out dancing with friends to celebrate the ever radiant Becca's birthday! I'm not worried about being tired. I haven't been in Portland for 7 months, I'll have plenty of energy to spare. I have missed my city and she has missed me too (well, that's what I'm telling myself). The next day we will be hosting a Naked Ladies Clothing Exchange, which is always fun. Free clothes, drinks, and girlfriends...I couldn't ask for more. The next few days I will complete my list of things I've missed: acupuncture, Powell's Bookstore, Happy Hour at Portland City Grill, McMennamins, Saturday Market, and so much more. Then somehow I will drag myself away and make the long drive home to Redding, reminding myself that although Redding isn't my beloved Portland I do get massive amounts of vitamin D in California, which is important. Even more important I have amazing and supportive friends here.

We'll see if the actual trip follows this outline at all, I like to go where the wind takes me.