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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I mentioned earlier that I have never grown radishes before.  I had never attempted them for several reasons: 1) I knew nothing about them or what growing them entailed 2) I didn't know what to do with them after I grew them 3) I wasn't entirely sure I had ever eaten one.  My roommate Ericka didn't know any of these things about my radish ignorance when she brought home two packets of radish seeds.  Not wanting to disappoint her I attempted to do a little research on them, but ultimately just threw them in the ground and hoped for the best. 

You can bet I was surprised when they not only sprouted but took off faster than anything else in the garden.  I was incredibly excited!  

I can now say I know what a radish tastes like too.  Luckily, my roommates and Ericka's dog, Nico, really likes them.  We are up to our elbows in radishes and the second crop I planted isn't even ready.  Anyone have any good recipes for radishes?

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