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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tomato Thief

Someone or something is stealing my tomatoes as soon as they are ready to be picked.  It's bad enough they are taking so long to turn red and now some selfish little prick is stealing them before I get to taste all my hard work and devotion.  I'm peeved to say the least.  At first I thought it was our dog, Nico, she's mischievous, but just not smart enough to pull this off without me figuring it out.  Then I thought it might be my roommates eccentric hippie uncle, but he swears it isn't him.  So now I think it's raccoons.  I haven't found any evidence it's raccoons, but what else could it be?  Either way I guess it's another trip to the hardware store for some kind of wire to protect my beloved tomatoes. 

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