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Monday, November 28, 2011

Newest Work in Progress or I Am at the Mercy of my Muses

My newest work in progress is a necklace I started several months ago with hand bent heavy copper wire hammered and wired together.  This weekend the muses were frequenting me quite often, so I just turned on the television, watched a bunch of movies and let them take over.  I find it's best if I kinda blackout while I work, the minute I start over thinking things my mythical friends leave.  They also like wine, so I do my best to appease them. With their help I added amethyst, agate, rose quartz, turquoise, peridot, freshwater pearls, and abalone.  As of right now it is destined to be a very large statement piece.  This piece of the necklace measures 6.5 inches and it's not even done.  Fingers crossed they come back soon, guess I better keep watching movies and drinking wine until they do, just in case.  

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  1. whatever happpened to this piece? did it end up on etsy?