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Monday, August 3, 2009

Garden Fresh Dinner

Step One: Complain endlessly how useless it is to cook for one. You do all the cooking and cleaning up, it just isn't fair. Resentfully dig through the cupboard until you find the organic ecofarmed risotto or call me I seem to have mass amounts of health carbs.

Step Two: Saute rice in olive oil from the old country. A client at my mom's work actually has barrels of it flown in from Sicily. Apparently, she bathes in it or something. She's in her 70's and her skin looks amazing so I'm thinking this is something I might try. Anyway....

Step Three: Add water, boil, and then simmer. Quickly get bored waiting and go out and water the garden, talk to the cat, and pick basil. We have basil growing everywhere, not so much because of my amazing gardening skills, but because my mom forgets that we have basil and keeps buying more. I'm not complaining, there's no such thing as too much basil. Come back inside, stir rice, and cut up zucchini. Not just any zucchini, but the one and only zucchini my garden produced this year. My plants have definitely been under achievers this year. Which I totally understand, some years you just aren't feeling it. Slice up your one and only treasured zucchini and saute in amazing oil from the Sicilian lady.

Step Four: Decide you need a salad. Cut up red and yellow tomatoes and the fresh basil. Look everywhere in the fridge for mozzerella cheese and find nothing but string cheese. Decide its the same thing and cut it up. Top with Balsamic and voila you've got a garden salad.

Step Five: Everything is done. Throw it on a plate and marvel at the fact that you actually made a meal instead of just talking about it and eating saltines in bed.
Voila, you have a delicious vegetarian dinner!
Have a great day!
This has been cooking with Willow

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