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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Harvey the Carrot

This is Harvey the Carrot.  He deserved a name, because he was the very first carrot I've ever grown that doesn't look like a scary little mutant human with arms and legs (think Harry Potter and the mandrake roots).  There may be a handful of you who are thinking "no, Willow, I remember an amazingly straight carrot you grew two summers ago."  I feel I must tell you truth.  I stole that carrot out of the plot next to mine, because it's owner was on an extended trip to South America for several months.  Yes, it is true, I'm a carrot thief.  I also stole her onions to make salsa. 

Anyway, this new carrot, which I actually did grow all on my own was supposed to be ready in 3 months, but because of my awesome gardening skills it took a year.  How did I do this, you want to know?  I have absolutely no idea. 

I was so excited about this straight carrot I carried him around with me all day and even put him into a vase of water until everyone had fully appreciated my momentous achievement.  Then I ate Harvey.  He tasted like dirt. 


  1. Growing vegetables can be so exciting! When we were living in Oregon, there was a fantasic garden co-op program where you could rent like a 20x40 plot of land for 20 bucks! They plowed it at the beginning, and then watered it for you. It was some of the most amazing land ever. We grew corn, tomatoes, onions, squash, potatoes, green beans and wild flowers. Once everything started growing we would pick our harvest and have the most amazing dinner of fresh veggies grown by us. YUM!

  2. I was part of an organic garden on the PSU campus for two years and I loved it! I had a lot of trial and errors, but it felt so good, when things turned out well and you could eat what you grew.