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Monday, May 25, 2009

Plants Plants Everywhere!

The garden is doing well. The only real problem so far has been trying to find room for all the plants. I've got squash and corn lined up on the deck waiting for homes. I didn't want to plant the squash in the plots too close together, so I very quickly ran out of room. The squash is all going to be trellaced outside of the plot, that's the plan anyway. I am hoping to get a place out front for all the pumpkins. My idea to plant corn in the front yard was quickly vetoed, apparently that isn't up to neighborhood code (aka it makes us look like rednecks). I thought rednecks in Redding was all the rage now, but I guess suburbia has an image to uphold or something. So now I have to find someplace else for the corn, which is no easy feat seeing as how our house and most of this area lives on rock. Until I get enough muscles to swing a pickaxe the corn will be living on the deck. I hope they aren't holding their breathe or stomata (that's a plant joke, although not a funny one or probably even a correct one).
I have also found myself with a multitude of tomato plants. My mom got a little bit (by that I mean a lot) excited about growing her favorite tomato plant, the yellow pear tomato. So now we have over 20 of them, which she thinks might be enough. What are we going to do with so many yellow pear tomatoes? I don't know, but if that's what makes mom happy, I'm happy to be of service. So far I have 6 in the ground, one in a huge pot, and three more in a hanging bag garden. The rest as you can see in the picture are still in their start container waiting for me to come up with homes for them. Oh and just so you understand the tomato situation a little better, we are also growing four other types of tomatoes as well. Looks like we are going to be eating salsa with every meal this summer and learning how to make our own tomato sauce.
By no means am I complaining about our abundance. It's exciting! All this time, effort, and expensive water is really paying off. Now maybe a beefy guy with a pickaxe will show up and make another garden bed for me out of this rocky clay we call soil around here. Is that asking too much?

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