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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Old Diesel Horse Bridge

The spring storms have been incredible lately.  One minute there is thunder and lightning and the next the sun is shining.  Just as you start to think "oh, the sun!" it starts pouring again.  So when I drove past the Old Diesel Horse Bridge earlier this evening and the skies were clear I decided to take a few pictures.  I literally parked and ran (okay, fine walked really fast) to the bridge,   before another rain burst decided to soak me.  The view was amazing, it was totally worth it. 

Even the birds seemed to be psyched that the rain had ceased.  They were out in droves....or flocks...I guess would be more accurate.  You can see them in the second picture.  They are all the little black specs in the sky.

This bridge is also one of my favorite places in town.  I used to cut class my senior year of high school and come to this bridge to think.  During the salmon season I'd watch the fish come here to die, which is kind of depressing, but amazing too.  In that circle of life kind of way.

After a moment of reflection I looked up and saw the clouds gathering again and decided it was time to go, before spring proved herself wild and unpredictable once again.


  1. Wow, spectacular photos, where is this place located?

  2. Its near downtown by the river trail....I'm horrible with actual driving directions....I just feel where things are are. Bizarre I know :)