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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Moved! or Dreams do Come True....

Since I left Portland I have been dreaming of love.  I even had very specific love requirements, they were all written down in my journal, which made them very official.  I wanted this love to have hardwood floors, big South facing windows, arched doorways, a garden, and room for a kitty.  What I didn't know when I was creating this very thorough list was that I was describing my childhood friend's house.

So after leaving my job and traveling for a while, I ended up visiting this house to tell my girlfriend, Ericka, all about my trips.  Coincidentally, two of her roommates had just moved out.  Which was perfect since I needed a room and an office.  

 The rest goes down in history as perfect timing.  I guess this is what everyone meant when they told me to be patient life would work it all out.  As usual my friends and family were right.  

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