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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Mythical Creature Comes to Visit or How Does that Owl Know My Name?

I was lying in bed one night about a week ago playing Boggle in between Scrabble games on my iPhone.  When I heard someone saying my name outside.  Even LunaBelle looked up, so no, I wasn't imagining it.  I exited out of the game and the cat and I sat in silence, waiting.  Then we heard it ( I can say we because when it happened Luna looked right at me) "Willow Tree.....Willow Tree."  The only reason I was really shocked was because only my good friends call me that.  So who would be out in the yard saying my name?  I kept listening.

Then it dawned on me.  It wasn't my friend, in the human sense, it was an owl.  It was one of my mythical friends.  I love owls!  They are mysterious, but what I really love about them is their rich history.  Culturally, they have been both good and evil.  They have been feared and revered.  That is what truly interests me.  We, as humans, have tried to understand these nocturnal creatures and created attributes for them to help us explain their presence and the way we feel about them.

Well, I for one would love for this little winged beauty to come visit as much as she likes.  Both Luna and I appreciate her late night calls.  


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