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Monday, March 28, 2011

My Perfectly Round Pizza

I've been making pizza for a few years now.  It's easy and it's delicious.  Never in all these years  have I ever made such a perfectly round pizza. Most of mine turn out looking more like an amoeba, which is just as appetizing as it sounds. Perhaps, you have managed to make a perfectly round one on the first try.  Congrats to you, some of us are slightly more challenged and therefore deserve the right to brag about simple feats like this on their blog.

Here is the break down, so you too can make a perfect pizza.

  1.  Buy Trader Joe's Pizza dough. 
  2. Throw some flour on the pizza stone and take the dough out of the bag and set it on the stone too.
  3. Forget about it for twenty minutes.  Go water your plants or talk to the cat or make a cocktail and watch PBS.  (You have some freedom on this one, those are just things I like to do)
  4. Okay, wander back into the kitchen at some point, during a commercial or when the cat decides she's too good for you.  
  5. Start stretching the dough a little bit at a time like they do on tv.  Do not try to throw it into the air, trust me on this one.
  6. Roll it with a rolling pin covered in flour of you need to.  Work really hard to make a circle.  
  7. Once you have a circle or something close to a round shape roll the edges a little to make a crust.  
  8. Then begin to add your ingredients.  I brush on some olive oil, add basil and fresh tomatoes and mozzarella.  I topped it with some garlic powder and chili flakes.  
  9. Then bake according to the dough instructions. 
  10. After removing from oven and allowing to cool.  Cut with kitchen scissors or a pizza cutter if your fancy. Enjoy while you gloat to the cat about what a talented chef you've become.
Bon Appetit!   

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