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Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Maui Plants

Today was a good day, but not a very productive day. I had planned to take pictures for my Etsy shop, but after a long overseas skype call with my best friend I was a little behind. By the time 2 pm rolled around I was still in my pjs watching Rick Steves travel around southern France. All the while I was eating half a bag of chips and excitedly explaining to the cat that I had been to that city before and "oh oh...I ate at that cafe." The cat finally got sick of me and went to take a nap in the other room.

Fast forward a few hours and I'm getting ready to meet my sister and a friend for happy hour, I reached for the lotion I bought last year in Maui when I went to visit my cousin for spring break. It is some cheap plumeria lotion from the ABC stores that are so prolific on Hawaii. I love the way it smells. Everyone else who smells it, thinks it is overbearing and too flowery. Too flowery, is there such a thing? It's plumeria, what's not to love? I know you are wondering how I am going to tie this into plants, don't worry I'm almost there.

Maui was exactly what I needed last year. It allowed me to get through my last quarter of school without having a mental breakdown. I'll spare you the walk down memory lane except to say I also scored some awesome plants while I was there. At another ABC store I bought one of those plumeria sticks in the bag and amazingly after some TLC and some sunshine it bloomed (see picture above). My other Maui pride and joy is one of those plants that's fused to a lava rock. I should know what its called, but I don't. I love it though and somehow it is actually pretty happy living in Oregon. It lives in salsa dish my mom gave me for hosting parties. It seems to like it and I don't plan on hosting any salsa parties in the near future so it's a win win.
I'm all out of lotion now. Unless the plumeria stick starts producing flowers, I'm going to have go buy a new bottle. This would be a lot easier if we had a local ABC store in downtown Portland.

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  1. Well, since this entry you have been very productive with your Etsy sight. I want to buy everything! I think you should make the double of everything to send me one of each.
    I love reading your blog. YEA! Another way for me to stalk you on a daily basis!! I must check it at least twice a day. And I finally figure out how to post my comments.
    Love to you and your followers (So far, that's you Bri)