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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sweet Potato and Ginger Houseplants

A few weeks ago I was getting really ancy for spring, but it was still too early to start anything. So I went online and searched for indoor projects. That's how I stumbled apon sweet potato plants. I had no idea you could grow a sweet potato indoors. It just so happened I had a sweet potato, so I stuck some toothpicks in it and suspeneded it in a big glass of water. It took a while, but roots started forming and then a little tiny purple bud started. Supposedly, it was going to produce long purple vines.

While I was waititng for the sweet potato I also discovered you could grow ginger inside. I love ginger root, so I went to the store and bought a few roots. The first root I suspended in water just like the sweet potato. The second one I planted in a little pot and put it in a south facing window. The third one I skinned, diced up and put in the freezer. You never know when you are going to need a little ginger for a recipe or tea for an upset tummy. I wanted to see which one of the first two were going to sprout first. The competition between the two gingers was on, but niether one seemed all that competitive and they have been taking their sweet time.

Well, over the last week or so the sweet potato has taken off. The root system is incredible and it has little purple and green leaves (see picture below). It probably wants to be planted, but I haven't decided exactly what I want to do with it yet. I can put it in a pot and keep it as a houseplant or I plant it outside in the garden and cross my fingers it will make more delicious sweet potatoes. I LOVE sweet potatoes, but I also LOVE houseplants especially ones I grew myself. To help with this decision I went out and bought a whole bunch more sweet potatoes. Actually, I don't think it's helping at all. Now I just have more options and feel even more confused. I think I am going to give myself another week to decide and see what it does.
The ginger competition is pretty uneventful. Both gingers got little nobs on them, but other than that nothing. As the sole judge and only person who really cares. I am going to say the one in the jar is winning. It's nobs are starting to turn green. That must be a sign of something.
If you want to try this at home or just find out more you can search these topics on , it's where I got all my top secret plant information.

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