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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hello Sagittarius!

Sagittarius runs from November 22/23-December 20/21 and is a fire sign. It is represented by a Centaur/archer and its ruling planet is Jupiter and its day of the week is Thursday (jeudi for Jupiter in French).

  • Sagittarian Strengths: Generosity, honesty, broad-mindedness, and tremendous vision.
  • Weaknesses: Over-optimism, exaggeration, being too generous with other people's money.
Each sign also has a stone associted with it, often called an astral stone. This idea is based on the harmony that exists between all things. Your astral stone is more than a symbol of your astrology sign - it actually receives the vibrations of the constellation and can strengthen the planetary or zodiacal influence. There is no central authority as to which gemstones are connected to each sign of the zodiac, it varies according to tradition.

Sagittarius' soul stone is a Tourmaline, which comes in several colors including green, pink, champagne, and black. Each of the colors is credited with different properties and healing characteristics.

Sagittarius also has a connection with Amber, Jasper, Moonstone, and Turquoise. These are suggestions and you should always choose a stone you feel a deep connection with.

For more info on Sagittarius you can visit Emily Gems.

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