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Monday, November 2, 2009

Pondering Portland

Originally written on Oct 18th and then forgotten about, but then rediscovered on accident and posted on Nov 2:

You know what I love about Portland? So many things, actually, I could write a book. Right now what I love the most is the people. The diversity, the polite NW demeanor, the open mindedness and acceptance of all things weird. How many places do you go and when you look even a little lost someone stops and asks if they can help find something? I mean, seriously, that is amazing. I am right now sitting in the park blocks writing this blog and in the last 15 minutes I had three strangers approach me and compliment me and start conversation. Why did I ever leave this place? People here love me and you know what, I LOVE them. I really truly love the people here.
Portland, is so alive. It hums with an energy that speaks to me and sitting here in the midst of downtown, with the leaves raining down around me, couples snuggling and walking their dogs, and the traffic buzzing by I have decided something. I’m not done with Portland. I will never be done with Portland. In all her green quirky yuppie beauty, Portland, will always be my home. I will find some way to always return to her, because she didn’t forget me while I was gone. She welcomed me home with open arms and never once asked why I would desert her without an explanation or barely a goodbye. She understands entirely and she’s just happy, may I dare say, even proud that I have returned to her in one piece, better actually.

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