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Monday, February 21, 2011

I've been Adopted!!!

I went with my roommate, Brooke to go buy a fish and left the store with the new love of my life.

I don't particularly like fish.  They seem so emotionless, but if we were going to get one I wanted to be involved in the picking process.  We went to several stores and ended up at PetSmart, where coincidentally I had been stalking a little grey cat for the last few days at the Haven Humane kiosk.  I have been longing for an animal love every since my last kitty love, Mercury, crossed the rainbow bridge nearly two years ago, but the timing just hasn't been right.  I truly believed when it was meant to be the right kitty would walk into my life.  I did have a few requirements.  She must be grey, she must be fluffy, and she must have a mind of her own (I don't handle clingy relationships well).  There she was tiny and grey and fluffy and completely ignoring me. Perfect!  I had found my girl. I took her home the night before the full moon. The perfect time to find my little LunaBelle!

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