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Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Trip Begins!

I drove from Sacramento to Newport today. The trip was to describe that...long. Yes, that many hours in the car wasn't quite the way I remembered it. I used to make the trip from Redding to LA a lot about 5 years ago, when I was trying to be a model (insert eye roll here). Maybe I'm getting old or maybe I'm just out of practice, but driving through the barren desert that is central California wasn't exactly as exhilerating as I recalled.

On the good side, I got to listen a book on tape, sing on the top of my lungs, and have some very good conversations with myself. I also took myself out to lunch at Anderson's Split Pea Soup, whish was delicious. Old people and technology equals free entertainment. I've never heard the signal logo on a cell phone being described as a martini glass, but it seriously does resemble one.

After missing an exit and pulling over to allow myself 5 minutes of guilt-free poor me frustration tears I got back on the road. It seemed I should have arrived hours earlier, but either way I wasn't that late and my darling cousin met me at the door with a glass of wine and a look of fear in her eyes. I probably shouldn't have answered the phone during my mini meltdown and let her hear me make death threats to anyone who got near me. Luckily, one of my best features is my recovery time. I can bounce back from almost anything with a hug, a glass of wine, and 10-15 minutes of guilt-free pouting. We finished our wine and got dressed and went out to sushi. It was delicious! Then we decided we were just too tired to go out partying. So we went home and facebooked and went to bed early.

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