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Monday, October 26, 2009

Day in San Diego or The Beth Chronicles

I made my way down to San Diego to visit one of my funniest girlfriends ever, Bethy-Anne. I love every chance I get to spend with her, she's got a wicked sense of humor. Although, I could have lived without the fake dog poop she kept putting in my suitcase. We had a great afternoon together, shopping (minus the me getting stuck in a dress in the dressing room at H&M and nearly having a panic attack before I was able to free myself after 15 minutes of entrapment. My life flashed before my eyes!), going out to eat, and drinking mojitos.

We even got all bundled up and took a walk on the beach in the dark. It was Beth's idea to pretend we were walking in the snow and so we did. After that we sat and talked for a long time about what we want to do with our lives and how it was all so much easier when we were in junior high getting stalked by her creepy high school neighbor James. Life was good then, but I'm really glad I'm not in junior high anymore. Life is so much better now, harder at times, but so much better.

We went back to Beth's and made cranberry vodkas, finished the rest of the Stefanie cheesecake (it's even delicious as left-overs, see how excited I was), and stayed up late watching movies. I passed out until the trash truck in the alley woke me up and the maitenance people knocked on the door and told up they were shutting off the water. Good Morning to you too!

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