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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Heading Up to Portland

The drive to Portland went incredibly fast, in part to my ban on all liquids (Bunni has a pea-sized bladder) and also in part to my amazing time traveling skills. Time travel is relatively easy, you just have to have a lot of faith. Bunni thinks I’m such a good time traveler because I speed, but it is truly much more than that. There are rules to time travel. You can’t look at the clock, because your conscious mind will keep you from making the leap over the time continuum. You also have to set a time intention, mine was we will be to Bri’s apartment at 6:30. Then you just do your best to get there as fast as possible without doing anything terribly illegal. Driving 15 miles over the speed limit is not terribly illegal.

Even though there was a ban on bathroom stops, we did get out and take a few pictures of Mt Shasta. Apparently, Bunni and Mt Shasta are in the midst of long distance love affair. Although, I have a feeling it is terribly one sided.
Anyway, we had to get back on the road, because we were time traveling on a schedule and we had places to be and people to see.

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