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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Evening Glass of Wine & a History Lesson

Today was a long rainy day. The kind of day you really wish you didn't have to get out of bed and you actually run through your list of excuses for missing work and ponder how wrong it would be to use them. I actually thought to myself, 'when was the last time I called in with a migraine?' Despite all my efforts the responsible adult in me forced to get out of bed and face the day. The stubborn teenager in me did win one battle this morning. She refused to put on a dress in this weather, what's the point of looking nice when the rain is going to ruin it anyway. Her logic made sense and I let her dress me in jeans and wear my hair straight. So after soaking myself in the rain, sitting behind a computer screen all day, and standing in line at the post office I decided I was due a glass of wine when I got home from work.

I poured myself a glass of shiraz which tasted a little old, so instead of waste it I told my step-dad I poured it just for him. I didn't have t0 drink the foul stuff and he thinks I'm sweet and thoughtful, it's a win-win. After digging through the wine fridge I found the Ukrainian wine my friend, V gave to my parents. I mixed the dry red with the dessert wine and it was perfect. Who knew those Ukrainians made such good wine? I knew they made great vodka, a girlfriend of mine in college always had a freezer stocked with it from her Ukrainian boyfriend. Honestly, I had never really imagined vineyards in the Ukraine. Then again I haven't really spent a lot of time thinking about the Ukraine. I just looked it up, apparently, by the 4th century BC a wine culture already existed in what is now the Ukraine. I guess I have some history and traveling to catch up on. Which are perfect things to think about while I pour myself another glass of wine and listen to the rain.

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