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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Look Mom, I Have Goals!

Tonight was our second Redding Handmade meeting, which is basically a group of incredibly talented Etsy people (basically women, but I'm saying people just in case a man wants to join. I would encourage males to join, especially if you are good looking, intelligent and love redheads). Anyway, our topic tonight was goal setting, you can check it out at the Redding Handmade Blog. This topic is very close to my heart. I love to set goals; goals I rarely keep. I'm a list maker by nature and when I find myself frustrated, bored, or avoiding my responsibilities I sit down and make a new goal list. I make a lot of lists and I do my best to make sure no one ever sees them. God forbid anybody hold me accountable, that would just take all the joy out of making the list, losing the list, and then rediscovering it two months later only to realize I can only cross off 'take shower'. So in the spirit of change I thought I would share my two goals related to my etsy shop and this blog.

My Goals:

  • I will have 100 items in my WillowLily shop by March 30th
  • I will write at least 5 blogs a week for the rest of the years starting before the 28th of February
I'm sure you are thinking these are relatively simple goals. Consider that I only have 22 items in my shop right now and I usually write about 5 blogs a month. This is going to take some serious focus. Which is my new mantra: I am focused and driven. I'm going to say it a few hundred more times and see if my brain buys it.

A special Thanks to Chrystalyn, the creator and organizer of Redding Handmade, and also one of the most organized people I've ever met. If I ever grow up I hope I turn out like her :)


  1. Oh Willow- you can be like me if you get a handmade clipboard with foofy ribbons on it! (-; I am glad you had fun. Goal setting is such a scary thing for some people. I think we did ok since no one abruptly left the room before the meeting was over!

  2. I wanted to run away, but I did my best grown up impression and stayed put. I am going to work on the handmade clipboard with foofy ribbons! Soon enough I'll be organized :)